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The Umbrella Academy: Star Reveals Reason Behind Luther’s New Look In Season 2!

It turns out that these modifications have meaning and purpose. And in a recent interview, Hooper revealed how and why Luther looked different in season 2 of the Netflix series.

Tom Hopper plays primate hero Luther Hagrives in the Umbrella Academy

Based on the Dark Horse Comics series created by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and illustrator Gabriel Bay, The Umbrella Academy tells the story of seven super-powerful brothers. Adopted by the wealthy scientist Reginald Hargreaves, they were raised together in a mansion and trained to fight using their special abilities. Luther, also known as Number One, undergoes a process that transforms his body to resemble a gorilla. Reginald gives him a serum that initiates painful changes. But once this is accomplished, Luther’s body becomes more flexible and his natural supernatural power increases even more.

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The hopper must wear a full suit.

The hopper has to wear a full suit and prosthesis to get his signature style of application. In an interview with Elle, The Umbrella Academy star revealed that listeners initially asked her to work and strengthen herself for the role before settling on the suit. I was like, uh, I was eating fifteen meals a day out of this! ”

The actor explains why Luther resembles another in season 2 of Umbrella Academy

In the first season of The Umbrella Academy, Luther’s chest and arms were covered with thick hair, and his huge body made him more gorilla than human. But in season 2, the superhero looks slimmer and more human. According to Hooper, these changes were made on purpose and are closely related to Luther ‘s new frame of mind. Realizing that Reginald could send him there because he was not very good, he accepted his body and himself. working.

“He doesn’t wear his vest, and he has a lot of cut hair, so he has a classy look,” Hopper said. And then in season 2, you see it’s a little more athletic now. It was in the past. He’s been eating chicken and broccoli for six months, and he’s sorting. He’s embracing his body, a little more. “

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