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The Simpsons: Fox Decided To Remove White Actors Lending Their Voices To Non-White Characters

It has been announced on Friday that “The Simpsons” is not going to feature white actors in the series as non-white characters.

In a brief statement, the network said: “Moving forward, ps ‘The Simpsons’ are not going to feature non-white characters from white actors.”

It happened many times that the voice cast of The Simpsons been changed several times…

Its been announced by Hank Azaria that he will stop expressing his voice in January after strongly criticizing the owner of an American Indian convenience store Appu Nahaspempepetilon, which included comedian Hari Kondabolu in the documentary of 2017 “The Problem with Apu.”

The Simpsons will no longer let white actors voice nonwhite ...
Source: Cnet

In a statement, Azaria said that “He can see the things clearly,” of the criticism at the time. “He also told he think the most important thing is that we have to listen to the people of South Asia, to the Indians in this country when they talk about what they feel, what they think about this character, and what is their American experience in this regard?”

Animated television comedies have said something about racial profiling in recent periods.

At the beginning of the week, Jenny Slate of “Big Mouth” and Kristen Bell of “Central Park” announced that they would be coming out with the voices of their characters, who are biennials. Both programs indicated that they are going to be restored by actors with a black or biographical voice.

The show responded in April 2018 to an episode of Epu’s Backlash, which runs the convenience store Quick-E-Mart in the highest-rated scripted series on television.

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