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Texas Mother Slammed Toddler Son To Death, Dumped Body In Dumpster

A mother in Texas killed her toddler and hid him in her closet before decomposing him

An autopsy released Thursday showed that the Texas boy, who was issued an AMBER notice in June before his body was found in a dumpster, had various injuries at the time of his death.

35-year-old Laura Sanchez was charged with a serious crime committed to a child in connection with the death of her son Frankie Gonzalez, 2, on May 28. According to the sources, the final autopsy report. He said Gonzalez suffered blunt injuries, bruises to his forehead and skull, a laceration to his forehead, multiple bruises to his arms and legs, three broken ribs and a broken right arm.

The kid had multiple severe injuries on his body

Pathologists believe Gonzalez received the aforementioned injuries several weeks to a month before his death. Although the child was found to have been the victim of fatal abuse, the autopsy report indicated that it is not clear whether the child was strangled or strangled.

On May 28, Sanchez allegedly hit Gonzalez’s head against the wall and pushed his body into a closet, discovering he was not responding. She kept his body at her home for two days before packing it in a dozen garbage bags and dumping it in a dumpster located near the Park Lake Drive Baptist Church, according to the reports.

The mother claimed that her son vanished on June 1

Sanchez reported that her son went missing two days later, on June 1, telling Waco police that the baby was missing in Cameron Park and she briefly left. The next day, Sanchez would take the authorities to his body, which was still in a dumpster.

Sanchez is addicted to narcotics

Sanchez allegedly lost custody of her six children, including Gonzalez, due to drug use. The murdered child’s biological father, 28-year-old Lorenzo Gonzalez, was arrested in mid-June for allegedly allowing Sanchez to watch her son unattended, in violation of an existing agreement with Child Welfare.

Sanchez’s crime history

Frankie Gonzalez’s older and younger sisters tested positive for drugs when they were born in February 2017 and January 2019. Documents said Sanchez was jailed on burglary charges when she gave birth to Frankie Gonzalez, It turned out that Lorenzo Gonzalez took him into custody.

Lorenzo Gonzalez had primary legal custody of Frankie Gonzalez and her two sisters at the time of the child’s death. In late April, the CPS ordered that Sanchez could only supervise visits with her children.

Lorenzo Gonzalez would admit that she left three children with Sanchez while she worked because she trusted her. CPS officials said during a hearing on Thursday that Sanchez tested positive for methamphetamine about a month before her son’s death, the sources reported.

Lorenzo Gonzalez also reportedly said he left Frankie Gonzalez and his two sisters with Sanchez because he thought a CPS-approved leader would come home and make sure Sanchez wasn’t alone with them.

On May 28, the day of Frankie Gonzalez’s alleged death, Sanchez allegedly told Lorenzo Gonzalez that their baby was with his adult son in Killeen.

Lorenzo Gonzalez was accused of abandoning or endangering the child. He and Sanchez remain in prison.

The surviving three-year-old and one-year-old sisters are still in foster families. On Thursday, a judge allowed the state to add aggravating circumstances to the case, which will speed up the process to end the detained couple’s parental rights.

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