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The Rising Of Shield Hero Season 2: The Anime Returns In 2024? What’s Known So Far

Japanese Manga novels have attracted the whole of Japan with its fictional stories, mainly related to the supernatural genre. And with it not stopping by various online streaming platforms decided to adapt these anime series in a web drama and the result we all are aware of!

These animated fictional dramas have become one of the hottest genres to binge-watch not only by kids but of all age groups. What is even more exciting that these manga series come in numerous volumes, so we have huge content to curate from it. And the same is the case here with The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Renewal Status Of The Rising Of Shield Hero Season 2

Owing to its enormous success, the creators finally resumed the show for not just a season 2 but a third season as well. Isn’t that great! So when should we get ready to binge-watch a brand new season? Have we got a release date?

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
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Release Date Of The Rising Of Shield Hero Season 2

It has been announced that the show would launch its second season in 2024 itself with no exact release date revealed till now. However, we feel that the anime drama does not get affected by the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic; otherwise, the second installment would not hit this year for sure. Rest all depends on the makers as to what they decide, and we need to wait for a further update from them.

Plot Of The Rising Of Shield Hero Season 2

The show revolves around four young boys who have been chosen to save the parallel universe against the enemies for which they have been given a weapon each to fight them. One of them possesses the Rising Shield which, however, is stolen by his fellow companion.

In the upcoming season, it can be the season that there would be a more powerful new enemy, and we can see some more new companions in addition to the original ones. Manga series generally are based on young boys and girls who have explicit bravery and courage, which is good to incorporate some positive values in children apart from entertainment.

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