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The Not Too Late Show With Elmo: When Will The Spin-Off Of Sesame Street Release On HBO Max?

Down below is all that the fans of Sesame Street need to know about its spinoff series, Not Too Late Show With Elmo!

As all the fans of Sesame Street know that The Not Too Late Show With Elmo is a spinoff series that was exclusively developed just for the upcoming streaming service provider, HBO Max.

The show comprises of 13 episodes that are going to debut on the platform on the 27th of May 2024. It is already known that we will get three events at the time of launch while the rest of the ten episodes are going to get premiered weekly afterward. Each chapter is of 15 minutes.

Here is what will happen in the show and everything that Elmo is going to talk about!

In this new show, we will be able to witness Elmo as the host of his own new late-night talk show. The whole aspect of the shown is centered around the routines we can have at bedtime, while each of these 13 episodes demonstrates a different one.

This show comes as a surprise as well as a ray of happiness to all the people who are stuck in this lockdown caused by the fatal Corona Virus. It is going to release on the 27th of May 2024.

Down below, we have the official description of the series. Do not forget to check it all out!

Elmo has a new favorite game, and he is hosting a talk show exactly from his living room while the cookie monster acts as his sidekick. Other Sesame Street characters serve the role of the backstage crew, and our lead character even has a House Band.

Then Elmo welcomes real-life performers to his couch to entertain kids and families with music, games, and fun for all ages. Jimmy Fallon stops by to show Elmo the hoisting ropes, Lil Nas X shares a catchy song, John Mulaney gets competitive in a tricycle race, and much more—all before Elmo’s bedtime!

Here is what we know about the crew of this fantastic show!

The pilot has been directed by Benjamin Lehmann, and it released back in 2019 while featuring a special guest. It was Kacey Musgraves, who performed Rubber Duckie.

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