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The Mandalorian Season 2: Disney+ Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates

It’s an open secret that Anakin’s former student Ahsoka Tano will appear in the new season of the Disney + series “The Mandalorian”. Ahsoka will obviously make a real impression instead of just having a mini appearance. Rosario Dawson has not officially confirmed her role as Ahsoka Tano in the upcoming second season of Disney + series ” The Mandalorian “, but in fact yes (to Variety she said to the rumour: “That is not confirmed, but if it happens, it will I be very happy “).

However, Star Wars fans were right to wonder how big their role will be. Finally, the second season of “The Mandalorian” should also be about the eponymous bounty hunter who has to protect Baby Yoda from the imperial war criminal Moff Gideon ( Giancarlo Esposito ) and his henchmen. Boba Fett is supposed to be involved somehow, Katee Sackhoff f as Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze, who know fans like Ahsoka from “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”.

How much space is there left for Anakin Skywalker’s ex-student, who had disappointedly sworn off the Jedi order in the clone wars and was looking for Ezra Bridger after “Rebels”? Apparently it’s enough for a damn cool fight!


John Hoey of Star Wars News Net, who is one of the decent, reliable Scoop reporters on the Internet, has heard from several sources about Ahsoka’s appearance in season two of “The Mandalorian” in recent months. According to this, Ahsoka should swing (at least) a blue lightsaber, which indicates regained closeness to the Jedi culture – and above all, she should swing it in a fight that fans should not easily forget. Hoey describes his impression as follows (spoiler for “Star Wars 8”):

The Mandalorian Season 2
Source: Paper News Network

Important Details

Maybe it is Ahsoka who faces Moff Gideon. At the end of season one, it was revealed that he was in possession of the Darksabers, the weapon of Mandalorian leaders that he apparently stole. This weapon has to be used in the new season, everything else would be wasted – and who would be a better opponent than the battle-proven Ahsoka, popular with many fans?

Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date:

Jon Favreau’s two products have already been released. They announced that they have launched in November 2019 and that the By March 2024, the two were wrapped in seasonal film. How do we know? Star Gina Carano recently shared this update on her Instagram account:

Ok, another obvious candidate would be Bo-Katan Kryze, who already owned the dark sword, but maybe the two women are fighting together.

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