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The Great North: Fox Revived The Series For A Season 2

Here is all that a person who is anticipated for The Great North needs to know about its second season?

Well, well, well, Fox Entertainment has now become the one to please fans in such a way that no one can forget. The high officials at the company have now provided the favorite series of people called The Great North with a green light for a second season recently.

This comes out a bit strange when we happen to know that even the first season of the show has not been assigned with a proper release date. Maybe this is because Fox has a lot of confidence in this upcoming animated show that it knows people are going to love it.

Fox Developing Animated Comedy 'The Great North' from 'Bob's ...

The time has been a bit unfortunate for FOX as they have lost ownership of a variety of their veteran series because Disney swooped in and acquired the whole 20th Century Fox. As of right now, the network has now turned itself into a business model that includes more unscripted series as well as animated shows.

Why has Fox renewed The Great North for season 2 when season 1 has not even debuted?

It is thought by various media outlets that this upcoming show, The Great North, might be able to join a long-running veteran list that also has other popular sitcoms on it. They are;

  • The Simpsons
  • The Harts
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Duncanville
  • Family Guy

This is the slate of FOX for animated comedies and the new show is expected to join them pretty soon.

When might the first season of The Great North start airing on our screens?

If we go on and try to discuss a potential release date of the series, there is no scheduled one, but most probably it is thought by various media outlets that The Great North is going to release sometime between the Spring of 2024 to Winter to the same year. Around this same period in time, another comedy-drama called Housebroken is scheduled to come out.

Also, to put a cherry on top of this happiness, we are anxious to inform you that an animated humorous drama which has been created as well as co-produced by Dan Harmon, the man who has worked on the ship of Rick and Morty and is highly experienced, has been ordered to come out on the 17th of June.

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