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The Eddy Season 2: Expected Release Date And Other Details

It’s been almost two months when the initial season of The Eddy hit Netflix’s screens. So when the show ends with a cliffhanger, there are visible changes in expectations getting higher for another season. This is what exactly happening with The Eddy, and fans are demanding the renewal of the series.

However, nowadays, Renewals are not totally dependent upon the storyline of the show. There are many factors that decide the fate of the show. So we got you covered with every detail you are looking for The Eddy Sequel season.

Renewal Status

However, it is apparent that the initial season of The Eddy got a positive response, but on the other, there were speculations of mixed reviews. So Netflix stalled the decision of the renewal and considered it after a span of months. So currently, there is no official confirmation regarding the revival of the show. There is nothing from the Showrunners side as they are working on it or not, so for now, the decision in the hands of streaming giant.

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Expected Release Date

This will only be applicable when the show got the green signal and commenced its shooting schedule. So if we are looking at the annual release, the situation is just opposed to the motion, and there is no scope of filming currently. The rise of noble coronavirus is being hefty upon the film industry, and thus there are no risks worth taking.


  • André Holland as Elliot Udo

  • Joanna Kulig as Maja

  • Leïla Bekhti as Amira

  • Adil Dehbi as Sim

  • Tahar Rahim as Farid

  • Randy Kerber as Randy

  • Ludovic Louis as Ludo

  • Damian Nueva Cortes as Jude

  • Lada Obradovic as Katarina

  • Jowee Omicil as Jowee

  • Amandla Stenberg as Julie

Storyline Leaks

Currently, there is nothing in this section as there is no source of the trailer and other leaks, which could possibly hint something. So we could expect something when there will be confirmed on the cards along with its trailer.

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