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The Chef Show Season 2: Know More About Upcoming Volumes

Sath Rogen is bringing his culinary skills to John Favreau’s The Chef Show. Hollywood stars join the host of guests who are putting their cooking talents to the test in season 2 of the hit Netflix cooking show. Favreau, who greets the new Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian, is filming an episode of George Lucas’ Skywalker Wrench, which brings a bit of big-screen magic to the set. Here we know everything about Chef Show Vol. 2.

Seth Rogen Gets Cooking

The promo clip for the new season of The Chef Show shows Rogan striving to make a chicken dish with Chef Roy Choi. Rogan may be known for his acting, directing and writing skills, but this may be the first time that he has come under such pressure.

Volume 2 ‘Guest stars

In addition to Rogan, the new season will feature some major changes in the world of cooking, including Daniel Unity, Chef David Change, Andrew Ri, and Chef Wes Avila. Favero also filmed an episode at Skywalker Ranch, where chefs cooked dishes inspired by ingredients from the surrounding area. The installment included an appearance by director Dave Filoni, who submitted The Clone Wars.

Fans can expect a few more celebrities to appear this season, although Faveru has yet to reveal who is in the lineup. Given how Favreau is working on a new Star Wars title, it’s possible that some of the cast members from that franchise will eventually make it to their shows, though no promises have been made yet.

The Chef Show Review: Jon Favreau's Netflix Cooking Show Is a Delight | Collider

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Chef Show ‘finds a home on Netflix

According to Itter, Favreau filmed the first season over a three-year period and had no deal with the network until production was complete. The unique format of the show also went through an organic process.

While working on new projects, Favreau started filming, which is why the first season featured so many celebrities. After seeing the episode for the first time, Netflix liked what they saw and quickly joined Favreau. It’s unclear how many seasons Favreau has in mind, but it appears Netflix is ​​fully on board.

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