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The Boys: Crazy Season 2 Scene Revealed At Comic Con

The comic book series The Boys season 2 has revealed a crazy scene after a long wait. Here is what we know. The scene shows feature Billy Butcher, along with his team being chased by The Deep, ending with a boat with a whale. The series has adapted from the same name comic of the Amazon Prime Video produced by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis. The series was anticipated to be a big hit by the Amazon.

That’s why the second season of The Boys has renewed even before the first season has arrived. Since then, the show has become favorite, and the fans have been waiting for so long to see the second season of The Boys.

What Does The Clip Entail?

A clip from The Boys seasons two was released during the panel for The Boys at Comic-Con. It has been shown in that clip The Boys chased by many sharks. And the boys are running to get saved in from the sharks by speeding their boat in the ocean. The Deep emerges on a whale’s back, which stops the boys from running and escaping.