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The Batman: Why Deathstroke Could Feature In Trilogy?

The upcoming Robert Pattinson starrer film Batman is going to be a highly anticipated film under the DC banner. Fans are patiently waiting or the fill because of the buzz it has already managed to create even before the film has hit the big screen. Let us take a look at all the details of this upcoming movie that fans are waiting for!

Matt Reeves Has Some Creative Plans For The Dark Knight!

While director Matt Reeves has managed to give fans short glimpses of what all is going to happen in the upcoming Batman film. Along with the film being a bit different from the earlier Batman movies, there is huge speculation going on around the villains this time! Let’s just say that it is more than fans can expect, and it’s three!

A Team Of Villains Might Make An Appearance In The Upcoming Batman!

The Dark Knight is expected to fight off not one but three villains this time! The world of supervillains has been broadened this time with more members teaming up to defeat the hero of the Gotham city. However, fans are anxious to know whether Deathstroke, who has earlier played a crucial role as an antagonist going to join the already big group of villains.

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While Matt Reeves has not mentioned Deathstroke’s appearance in the coming Batman film, while the new DC movie has included The Riddler, Penguin and even Catwoman are going to create obstacles. While Reeves has defined his version of Batman more as a humanist, we wonder how the Knight manages to fight off these villains. The inclusion of these villains was mentioned by the director long back.

Is Deathstroke Coming Back This Time As Well?

With the upcoming Batman movie described as bolder and darker compared to the previous ones, we are still not sure whether Deathstroke will make an appearance and add on the Dark Knight’s troubles this time as well! While the director has not made any such claims, we wonder whether such a vital villain will be omitted from the film! We wonder whether Joker is going to make an appearance as well!

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