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Thanos Could Return! And Here’s The Only Way

While the Avengers team of superheroes did put an end on Thanos and his madness about finishing the world into half, it seems like his return is not a lost cause! The supervillain who shook the balance of the whole world might be returning in the world of Marvels. Fans are pretty much anxious to know whether the man is returning to unleash chaos yet again or not?

Is Marvel Planning To Bring Thanos Back After His Death In Avengers Endgame?

While in the comic world of Marvel, characters making a swift return into the present day, Thanos has been killed so many times one time by Adam Warlock, and still, he managed to make a return in the comic story back in 1970.

Thanos’s Resurrection Is Pretty Possible According To The Makers.

Moreover, the makers have explained Thanos’s death and also mentioned how the villain has managed to create different clones of himself. There is absolutely no doubt that Thanos has been the biggest and most powerful threat that the Avengers team had to face over time. Will Marvel get rid of him so soon?

Moreover, the Marvel Universe is planning to bring forward Thanos’s brother Starfox in one of the films as well. So, is there a possibility of the two brothers reuniting for yet another destruction for the new team of superheroes? While the chances of Thanos are slim, it is not impossible. However, if someone manages to bring back the stones then reviving the dead Thanos won’t be an issue as shown by the last Avenger movie. The bigger question is who will collect the stones yet again?

The Chances Of His Return Are Slim Enough!

Fans surely won’t mind seeing the supervillain unless chaos yet again on the big screens, however, the last time we saw him it seems like his body was heavily affected after he tried to damage the infinity stones. So, while the chances are pretty slim, fans are still hopeful that he might join his brother for yet another round of the good vs bad game. He might return in form of the clones that he might have left behind.

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