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Thaddeus Sran: Missing Disabled Toddler Reportedly Found, Claims Officials

Investigators found a body of a toddler boy who went disappeared from his home a few weeks ago

Investigators “firmly believe” that they found the body of a missing Californian child who disappeared from his home in Madeira on July 14th.

Thaddeus Sran’s parents, 2 years old, told police that they would put him to sleep at about 10 p.m. that night, but when they woke up the next morning, he was not in his room.

Thaddeus is a child with special needs

Thaddeus was born prematurely and is only now learning to walk, but usually crawling to move. Use a tube, it is not verbal and needs “special care”.

The police revealed the body was found at 9:15 am Thursday in the countryside of Madera County, west of the city. The body cannot be definitively identified until the test results are returned, he said, but detectives “firmly believe” that it is Thaddeus Sran.

The  boy’s parents are not co-operating with the officers

On Tuesday, the boy’s parents stopped cooperating with the police in the investigation, but a family member told the sources that it wasn’t true, but they hired a lawyer.

Neighbor Ermelanto Espinoza told the officers that the family had been in the neighborhood for a few weeks, but had never seen the baby.

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