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Taboo: Is This Show Worth Investing Your Time, What’s The Plot

Taboo is a BBC television series based on a story written by Tom & Chips Hardy. This dark drama takes place around the 19th century. The images and costumes look quite real. It certainly takes into account the fashion of that time. The show’s first season launched in 2017 and was soon renewed in March for the upcoming season. However, not much has been updated about the program since then, here everything related to the context.

Is This Show Worth Investing Your Time?

In this global epidemic, Taboo is one of the worth show in which you invest your time surely. Although it was renewed in 2017, production work did not see much movement. This led fans to think that the show may have been cancelled. However, no such official announcement has yet been made. However, the creators plan to make a total of three seasons of the show and no less.

Taboo Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date Yet?


By the way, it is completely certain that Taboo Season 2 will not be released prominently this year as it is halting all production work due to the global epidemic. However, our best estimate is that it can continue until mid-2021. However, we are not sure.

What is the plot of the show?

Last season, James had a tattoo on his body that he had no idea about. In the upcoming season, we can learn more about James through the American tribe, which belonged to his mother. The story is expected to be deeper and many other mind-blowing revelations will be made as well.

There is no information on the story for the upcoming season. However, we know that central of the stories will have the same condition. If we find something related to the plot are announced we will definitely inform you. For now, we tell you that the surviving characters will be seen and the dead can be seen in flashbacks. Stay tuned.

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