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Syrian Born College Student Who Was Shot To Death Carried Out Terrorist Related At Texas Naval Base


The suspect who was shot to death as he executed out Thursday’s terrorism-related attack on a Texas naval airbase has been recognized by the FBI as a 20-year-old Syrian-born college student.

Adam Salim Alsahli opened fire at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in an attack that injured one sailor, a member of the base security force, but no one other than the attacker was killed.

A group that check the online activity of jihadists has since claimed that Alsahli asserted support for hardline Islamic priests on social media before the frustrated attack.

Alsahli lived in Corpus Christi and had been a market major at a local community college. A Police official was pretty familiar with the investigation said Alsahli was an inhabitant of Syria who held US citizenship.

Id Card

Del Mar College provided a photo on Friday showing Alsahli as pictured on his student identification card.

The gunman tried to breach through a security gate at the base at 6.15 am, opening fire and wounding the sailor. But she was able to roll over and hit a switch that put a barrier, preventing Alsahli from getting onto the base.

Killed On The Spot

Other security personnel then opened fire on the attacker, killing him.

There was a primary concern that Alshali may have had a detonating device, but Navy authorities cleared the area and the car and found nothing.

The injured sailor was released from a hospital where she was treated for secondary injuries.

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