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Lizzo Starstrucked After Beyonce Wished Her Happy Birthday

Imagine it’s your birthday and you are wished by your favourite person be it a celebrity, best friend or your closed ones. You get butterflies in your stomach as that wish means the world to you.

Yes, something of the same sort happened with the American singer Lizzo who turned 32 on April 28, 2024. The singer was all awestruck after she received the best birthday wish of her life from her inspiration Beyonce.

Lizzo took to her social media handle and showed how happy she was after being wished from her very favourite, her inspiration to become a singer and thanked her from the bottom of her heart.

Beyonce world-renowned singer herself wished Lizzo from her Charity page called BeyGood where she posted to be a part of the COVID-19 relief program and then also shared a birthday wish for the singer. It could be really seen on Lizzo’s face how happy she was which could make her silly also.

The singer took bombarded her Instagram page showing her emotions which burst out in tears to express her gratitude of such a big star remembering her birthday and taking out time to wish her. It was indeed one of the best birthday gifts which Lizzo could have asked for especially in this time of lockdown.

The singer even urged her fans to spread positivity in the times of distress and remain happy by also helping people to help those who are in need during the pandemic. We wish the singer a very prosperous year ahead.

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