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Sun Is About To Enter Into Solar Minimum That Happen Once In 11 Years

Recent evidence determines that the astronauts have come up with the prediction of the arrival of the solar minimum that has led to some most unusual speculations. They also claimed that there is nothing to get panic about this unusual pattern of solar minimum as it is the part of the sun’s regular 11-year cycle.

To the normal naked eye, the rays and heat of sun always appear to be the same, but for the scientists and astronauts who are using telescopes – have observed the changes on the surface of the sun particularly the sunspots.

Source: National Geographic

In sun’s photosphere, sunspots appear as the dark regions that look cooler and are strongly magnetized. These regions are not permanent on the solar cycle; while there will be an increase in the spots count and again subsequently fall.

The solar cycle caused due to the changes in the sun’s magnetic for 11 year period – where the north and south magnetic poles undergo a polarity change and switch places. Again at the end of the solar cycle, its magnetic field will be at its weakest and this state is known as solar minimum.

Thus most solar activity is based on the sun’s magnetic field when there is a low solar activity during the solar minimum. But again after it hitting the low point, it starts to increase as the sun approaches the solar minimum.

Additionally, scientists have evidenced a decline in the number of sunspots thereby indicating the current solar cycle which is approaching the solar minimum.

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