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Stranger Things Season 4: Star Gaten Matarazzo Talked About The Filming Of Final Season

Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix’s best series ever produced and however, the streaming giant company also aware of the fact that the series is the heart of the platform. Stranger Things is treated specially by the fans and showrunners and they try everything possible to make it more popular. Fans worked as a PR and promote the show when it’ about to come as they can’t hide their excitement and share the news about the show on social media.

Now the show is heading for its fourth season and the cast itself is really excited about the next season. You all love Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) for sure, his charm and cuteness makes you fall in love with the character. However, he is one of the smartest characters of the series. He revealed some facts about the next season.

Gaten Matarazzo Claims

Gaten Matarazzo admitted that he is getting restless to return to the sets and he also stated the fact that filming could be soon on track after his birthday in September. 

He said that we’ve been told that there will be two weeks break and here we are stuck for three months confined in our houses. He also said that he is non-working for about 7-8 months and this makes him lazy. 

Stranger Things Season 4

However, Stranger Things could not be much affected by the pandemic as the show had to take a year break for the next season. So fans will witness the next season in the year 2024 and this is still a win for them as they wait for it either way. But now the shooting schedule getting heftier for the star cast and thus post-production is getting all along.

Stranger Things has an annual schedule and every season releases on Independence Day. So be ready for season 4 next year on 4th July 2024. However, we can see a change this year as it could arrive in the holiday season if makers want to release it this fall.

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