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Stranger Things: 3 Things That Not Make Sense About The Show

Stranger Things of Netflix’s spookiest shows which are based on young age children. The story has three seasons in its kitty and we are loving the time period drama. It revolves in a town that is fictional named Hawkins in Indiana, wherein a young boy gets all away disappeared.

And as we go deep into the plot, it is found out that there are certain supernatural elements present that are engaged to a girl who is psychokinetic which has resulted in the boy’s disappearance. The show stars Noah Schnapp, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Milly Bobby Brown, and other young artists as well. However, we felt that there are certain things which it had not been included would still go better because they do not make any possible sense during the show.

So without delaying it further, let us take a look at those 3 things that seem strange in The Stranger Things.

1. Upside Down World Buildings-

We witnessed an Upside Down world that is known as the parallel world wherein everything is the same. But it is in reverse order. However, we did not get to see much of it and we really need to know how the buildings that are built up in the real world exist in the parallel one. So a lot of questions further come up following their existence and if there is nothing much to show about it, then there is no sense in showing it just for the sake.

2. How did Eleven escape-

Well, Eleven we know has some psychic powers and hence she is psychokinetic who is getting treated for the same. Without the doctors not knowing about her powers. And it is still to be unraveled as to how the girl was able to escape from such high tight security easily.

Stranger Things
Source: Netflix

3. What happened to Chester-

Chester is the dog in the show whose appearance was not much. But he got vanished all of a sudden and we do not know much about it in the two seasons. Hopefully, let’s see whether he would be back in the upcoming season or not.

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