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Stephen King Novel Throttle Is Adapting For A Movie By HBO Max

Stephen King can add another adaptation to his list. Stephen King and his son Joe Hill’s novel Throttle which was published in 2009 as part of a Richard Matheson tribute anthology, He Is Legend, is being adapted into a movie by HBO Max.

What We Know So Far

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the novel. The script of the adaptation will be written by Leigh Dana Jackson. Leigh Dana Jackson is famous for Sleepy Hollow and Raising Dion. The film will be produced by David S. Goyer of The Dark Knight and Terminator: Dark Fate fame. Keith Levine will co-produce the movie.

There are no other details about the film as the feature film adaptation is in the early stages of development.

HBO Max, Developing Stephen King/Joe Hill's 'Throttle' Novella ...

Story Of Throttle

The story of Throttle has been inspired by Richard Matheson’s classic book Duel. The book pits a faceless truck driver against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in the desert of Nevada. The motorcycle gang is led by a father-son duo. The battle between the truck driver and the motorcycle gang is fought on twenty miles of the most lonely road in the country. It is a place where slowing down can be very dangerous.

The Father-Son Duo

The father-son duo, Stephen King and Joe Hill are no strangers to their books being adapted as movies and television series. HBO has already adapted a lot of books written by Stephen King. They have adapted The Outsider, It, and Doctor Sleep. They have recently announced the adaptation of Revival.

Joe Hill’s graphic novel Locke And Key along with artist Gabriel Rodríguez was recently adapted into a series by Netflix.


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