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Star John Krasinski Explained The Reason For Hand Over The Good News Show To CBS

John Krasinski started a YouTube show called Some Good News, but now he sold it!

Well, the world knows who John Krasinski is. He is a writer, director as well as producer and recently the man surprised the whole world two months ago by launching a YouTube series called Some Good News.

In this show, he highlighted only the good stories from around the world while also bringing people loads of joy in the form of The Office reunions as well as surprise performances of Hamilton.

Here is what Some Good News is all about!

Then he shocked the whole full world again when news came out last week that he was selling his series, Some Good News to CBS. The Network says that Krasinski is going to get a role as the executive producer for Some Good News, but he will lose his hosting capacity.

Well, this sale does not do surprises the fans too much because we know how busy Krasinski can get. He has the star of Jack Ryan as well as a successful filmmaker in his own right with his franchise of A Quiet Place movies.

Here is why John had to sell this epic series to CBS!

However, he might be free around this time. Still, later in the year when productions are going to start, he can not exactly be available go put together and record new episodes of this cheerful show that renews every week.

And indeed, this is also the sole reason he made this firm decision to sell this series to CBS. He explained this when he appeared on the platform with Rainn Wilson, a fellow The Office cast member, on Instagram Live Soul Pancake show called Hey There, Human.

Despite it all, here is what John said!

John said that well it is funny, it was one of those things where he was only planning on doing eight of them during quarantine because he has these other things that he is going to be having to do very soon like Jack Ryan and all this other stuff.

But more than that, it was something that writing, directing, and producing with a couple of his friends was so much that he knew it would not be sustainable with my prior commitments.

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