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Spy Games: Is The Reality Show Returning For Season 2?

We all have some time or the other played detective or spy games and have been given so much of self-appraisal to our hidden spy mind. It will be a complete lie if that hasn’t ever happened to anyone of you. Well, we now have a real chance to make it a reality as there is a reality show called Spy Games for the same.

Plot Of Spy Games

The American reality show brings in some ten contestants with no backdrop of being a spy or detective and make them reside in a remote mansion. After that under the supervision of some really professional experts, these contestants are assigned various activities, have to undergo a lot of training to eventually emerge victoriously and win a whopping prize amount of $ 100000.

Spy Games
Source: Bravo

Renewal Status Of Spy Games Season 2

The show was aired on Bravo in January 2024, and it got quite good reviews. Of course, this is for a change a very different reality show, unlike all the other ones which are generally game shows or dating shows. And we want to see more of Spy Games for sure. The makers have expressed their desire for a second season as they have more ideas to incorporate in the reality show. And seeing the response the possibility is high, and we could definitely get a new season.

Expected Release Date Of Spy Games Season 2

However, the waiting period would be longer due to the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Also, there is no official confirmation yet by the makers. So do not expect the new season to come by this year.

All the judges of the reality show are experienced former members of the police department, FBI and CIA. So we are going to get to see some real tasks to be performed by the contestants as it is not easy to become a spy. The show is inspired by the World War II government program named Station S whose aim was to pick up the citizens and prepare them to become spies.

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