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SpaceX To Launch 60 Satellites Into The Orbit

SpaceX has decided to launch its next mission of Starlink internet satellites into the orbit tonight after about two weeks of weather delays and also after achieving the historic astronaut flight launch.

The Falcon 9 rocket which has the history of four previously launched mission is ready to liftoff 60 new Starlink satellites into the orbit from Florida and the liftoff is planned at 9.25 pm EDT.

The space lovers and other interested people can watch the launch live online which will be available about 10 minutes before the launch. Tonight the eighth mission for SpaceX’s satellite constellation project will be launch which was originally scheduled its launch during the mid – May previously.

If there is any hindrance of weather that prevents the launch tonight, there is a backup plan available on Thursday which is supposed to be the tenth anniversary of SpaceX’s First flacon 9 launches during 2010.

Since 2019, SpaceX has the history of launching around 422 Starlink satellites into the orbit as it builds a mega constellation in orbit with around 12,000 satellites together.

The main objective of the mission is to offer high-speed internet service to the customers across the globe and they target the remote or under-served area particularly. Further, the CEO of SpaceX announced the mission needs 400 Starlink satellites for basic service and around 800 still for providing moderate coverage of the internet.

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