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Sorority Girl Sentenced To Life In Prison For Throwing Her Newborn In Trash

A sorority girl has been sentenced to prison for throwing her baby in the trash after giving birth in a study room. The sorority sister has spoken in a jailhouse in an interview that she now feels like a “monster.”

Emile Weaver is sentenced to prison for life for the death of her baby, who she gave birth to in the study room by keeping it as a secret then threw the baby in the trash in 2015 when she was 21-year-old.

Baby Found By Sorority Sisters

Sorority sisters discovered the lifeless baby’s body in a plastic trash bag at the side of the Delta Gamma Theta home at Muskingum University’s New Concord, Ohio.

In an interview with Emile from prison, she said that she now appears like a “monster” and that she was in disbelief that the baby would ever be born.

She also stated that she found it difficult hearing to her sorority sisters’ claims about how “heartless” she was at her hearing.

“I never desired it to be like I ever accused them of any of this.” 

She said that “They did not have much option to testify, but for them to just perform like I was so heartless, that was what was difficult.”

She also said how she was in disbelief about the pregnancy that “I believe it just began out, like, first just saying people no.” 

For the sorority sisters not thinking I was pregnant…manifested into a more significant [belief] that “I am certainly not pregnant.”

Felt Like A Monster

Asked how Emile Weaver thought at that moment, she said that she felt “Like a monster.”

Around the same time, the girls discovered the baby, the sorority house manager encountered a bloody mess in the washroom of the study room.

The sorority house manager issued a text read as “Attention: Housemates, whoever created the mess in the study washroom requires to clean it up ASAP.” 

“It seems like a crime scene.” 

Emile Weaver stated that she was like a normal sorority sister. In September of 2014, she went to a hospital to ask for birth control.

As is usual, they conducted a pregnancy test and advised her to wait for the results.

Emile Weaver had been dating a college boyfriend but was also having contact and seeing her high school sweetheart, she recalled in the interview.

When she goes to get her pregnancy test, it was put in an envelope. Emile signed for it, but she never opened the result and looked it.

“I guess I was scared. I seemed like I did not want to know, so I just put it off,” she stated.

Boyfriend Wanted No Part Of It

Emile Weaver stated that on the stand during her hearing that she disclosed in her boyfriend, but her boyfriend said that he wanted “no portion in it.” 

She alleges that they drove once to an abortion hospital but on their way were turned around by highway patrol because a winter storm was approaching them.

She had been hiding her growing bump in loose clothes, including t-shirts and hoodies, but at a basketball tournament, it was on the show as she wears a fitted t-shirt.

In April, sorority sisters awakened to the voice of what they compared to a “dying cat.” 

It was the then 21-year-old going into labor. At her trial, she claimed how she performed to the washroom, feeling like she needed to use it.

She stated that the baby’s head came out, and then she pulled out the rest of the baby.

She then went to the kitchen and got a knife to cut the umbilical cord, and put the baby in a trash pile.

Prosecutors claimed that the baby died after her mother put the baby in the trash bag.

Emile stated that the baby was stillborn. She then attempted to flush toilet paper down the toilet, but it jammed and began to overflow.

When accurately she moved the newborn baby into the trash bag and took her downstairs is unknown, but later, Emile went back to sleep then go to McDonald’s with a friend.

The friend stated that she looked “fine” but had limped to the car.

Police and EMTs were asked after the sorority girls discovered the trash bag. Emile continued she had miscarried and informed the doctors when she went to the hospital that she had pains.

During her police interrogation, she had to go to the restroom repeatedly to manage to her wounds.

The then 21-year-old sorority sister did not go to the hospital for the first time until 81 hours after she had given birth to a baby.

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