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Sonic The Hedgehog: James Marsden Is Up For A Sequel

Sonic The Hedgehog: James Marsden Is Up For A Sequel

Sonic The Hedgehog was all ready to become the latest big-screen video game adaptation, which didn’t win much favor with critics or the public. The first trailer did not make the film look like a family blockbuster, and it was also not to mention the reactions to the original character’s terrifying original form, which finally took a look at everything else about the project and sent it back to the team creative. To redesign the drawing board from the ground to Sonic, resulting in a delay of three months.

However, Sonic the Hedgehog surprised many when it wasn’t completely horrible in theaters last month. The theatrical debut of Blue Speedster generally left the block at the box office following solid criticism and has already raised more than $ 275 million worldwide, which makes it the seventh video game with the highest collection The film which made it in less than a month after its launch.

Is James Marsden up for its sequel?

Naturally, the talk has already moved to a possible sound franchise, and when asked about the possibility of a follow-up, the star James Marsden admitted that not only the cast and crew had extensive film experiences. He enjoyed, rather, that the 46-year-old has already signed several sequels, as usually happens when an actor appears in a big-budget movie these days.

Yes, that’s not my answer. It’s a good group of people, and it’s about protecting myself.” Jim Carrey has a lot to take care of. I think this is the biggest, one of all our occasions. I think it was amazing in this place. He just took a big smile on his face. I went and hugged everyone. It just seems like a kind of stone”.  Video game adaptations can finally begin to eliminate the stigma that has been chasing them for years, and the surprising success of the sound will certainly give rise to an impression of mimicry shortly.

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