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Solo Leveling Season 2: Possible Reasons For Delay

It’s been quite a while since the first season of popular webtoon animated series Solo Leveling releases, and now fans are waiting for the second season, which still seems to be a long way to go. Is the second season of the hit webtoon series happening anytime soon? Let us look into the details of the manga series that is loosely based on a novel created by Chu- Gong.

When Is Webtoon Series Solo Leveling Season 2 Releasing?

The first season finale ended on a massive cliffhanger with the protagonist Jin Woo who we saw entered a new gate, which surprisingly turned red, indicating that there will be some uncalled dangers in the way coming his way. Let us look into the details of the second season and a probable delay of the release of the upcoming season of the manga series.

The Initial Release Date Must Have Been Pushed Back!

While the second season was pretty much confirmed and it was slated to release in April this year, however, considering the current turn of events due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, the initial release date has been pushed back for a while now.

Fans have been pretty hooked to the show and its treatment of the two parallel dimensions. While one aspect seems to be having humans while the other dimension is having monsters and the battle is all about twists and turns. How will the protagonist face all the upcoming  dangers in his way from these unknown enemies who are waiting on the other side of the gate?

Is The Second Season Of The Webtoon Manga Series Releasing Soon Enough?

While fans are keen enough for the next chapter to unravel but the second season might have withheld due to the pandemic spread. However, the makers might soon release an official date, and then we will be able to figure out when it is going to release. Fans are assuming that it air sometime around the end of this end of the next year altogether. We sure are waiting anxiously for the season and all the action-packed twists.

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