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Shazam 2: Current Scenario Of Production, Release And Cameo Appearances

The fan-favorite superhero Shazam film gained quite a popular fan base despite the not so impressive box office collection that might have not been at par with what was initially expected by the Warner Bros. Studio. Let us take a look into other details of the sequel movie.

Is Warner Bros. Going Forward With Shazam 2? Here’s What We Know.

Despite the poor box office collection, the studio giant is motivated to produce yet another sequel Shazam movie. Lead actor Zachary Levi loved the role and said that the biggest achievement of the film is it genuinely brought joy to people. The actor is grateful and pretty stoked to return for the sequel as well.

Zachary Levi Is Pretty Excited To Be On Board With Shazam 2!

Levi did reveal that the sequel is expected to shart shooting sometime around the summer or spring of this year itself. However, that initial plan might go through some significant change following the pandemic outbreak. Although Levi assured fans that the movie is still on tracks.

While the first film ended with the defeat of Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Sivana visits Mister Mind who is pretty powerful and a supervillain mastermind. It seems like the first film pretty much sets up the plot for the with the main focus on Mister Mind as the prime antagonist for the upcoming movie. Moreover, considering the enormity of powers that Mister Mind has there will be bigger challenges this time. With a big supervillain, things might take a rather dramatic turn this time!

Is Black Adam Going To Make An Appearance In Shazam 2?

Moreover, the prospect of the Seven Deadly Suns might also be a part of the mystery that is waiting to unfold in the sequel. As for Billy Batson, he has very well accepted his place in the foster family. We can expect Mark Strong to return as Dr. Sivana as well! There was a rumor of Black Adam making a short appearance in the upcoming Shazam movie. Both being DC new projects there might be some cameos from other superheroes under the DC banner.  We sure are waiting!

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