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Selena Gomez To Ariana Grande: The Highest Paid Hollywood POP Stars

Hollywood has delivered a lot of pop sensations which are continuing to receive a lot of love and fan following from around the world. Women have surpassed men in every field, and singing is one of them. These women singers have made a mark of them in the industry that they are at a success peak.

And not only this, with their immense popularity of songs and singles these pop singers have even become not millionaires but billionaires and are living the best of their lives. So here we are today to tell you about the top 4 paid singers from Selena Gomez to Ariana Grande and see how much they are earning and enjoying their life. So let’s get started.

1. Selena Gomez-

Her net worth at present is around $ 75 Million. Whoa! She has delivered several hit singles, are it Same Old Love, Wolves, Boyfriend, and many more. Her high success owes to the concert tours, which she initiated and made her such a high paid star.

2. Jennifer Lopez-

The American sensation has made her mark with a lot of hit songs in her kitty and her net worth being $ 400 Million. This is really a huge sum of money. Also, she is seen doing quite a lot of films which have put her into becoming a millionaire.

3. Miley Cyrus-

She became a very high paid singer since her first show on Disney titled Hannah Montana. It rose her to such huge fan following, and there is no stopping since then. The singer has even launched so many songs till now, which are loved by the audiences making her net worth to $ 160 Million at present.

4. Ariana Grande-

Not the least to talk about, the American singer is one of the highest-paid singers till now, and she has done like thousands of music projects to date making her net worth to $ 100 Million in a concise span of time.
This is all because of the sheer hard work and passion of these stars, which has led to earning them such great success and love from their fans.

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