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Search Party Season 3: HBO Max Dropped The Trailer For The Upcoming Season

The first trailer for the Search Party Season scene is back in a big way. This new trailer not only shows what to expect in the coming-of-millennial auction, but the show goes from TBS to HBO Max. are you ready?

Trailer For Search Party Season 3

The trailer begins with the ending of the jaw-dropping season 2 finale: Dorothy (Ali Shawcats) Kate (Ron Lawrence), who helps her find one crew channel (Clare Macon guilty), is arrested.

Dory’s arrest may have been due to her neighbour’s second Staten Island shipwreck error (as well as episode 2 of Season 2), so it looks like we’re there. But Dory’s ex-husband (John Reidold) and his friends Eliot (John Early) and Portia (Mered Hagner) arrest him and put him in this public storm.