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Fans Feels Disappointed After Netflix Canceled Altered Carbon For Season 3

An exclusive report by Deadline denounced Netflix after two seasons and an animated film, including Aland Carbon in its cyberpunk advertising series.

It is believed that the cancellation of the show “has nothing to do with Kovid, but it is the result of a review process of the audience renewal process in front of the standard audience of the dreamer.” In other words, the number of viewers who keep the second season of the show did not justify the cost of producing Netflix’s third season.

What went wrong?

Despite being the first season, the second season of Alleged Carbon was not to the liking of the audience. Many fans saw the low budget of the show and the changes in actors and prominence were reasons to fall out of grace.

30 years after the end of the first season, Altered Carbon: Season 2 starred actor Anthony Mackie (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) replacing Joel Kinnaman (The Suicide Squad), starring Takeshi Koves. Although the shaking of the cast fits in absolutely with the futuristic idea of the show’s body exchange, the changes that took place turned the show’s second season into a terrific series for fans. One user called the show one of the best shows on Netflix: “Why would this carbon change?”

Altered Carbon cancelled: Fans furious Netflix won't bring series back for season 3 | The Independent

Image Source: The Independent

How Long Netflix Take To Release Second Season Of The Series

Meanwhile, another said the stream is “shooting on foot” after canceling “its many different unique shows”. Netflix released the second season of the series, which featured Anthony Mackie as the main character of Takeshi Kovacs, in February after a gap of almost two years between the first season in 2018.

Fans of the Transformed Carbon and its raw materials there will no doubt be disappointed.

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