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Schitt’s Creek: What’s Happening With Season 7? Any Possibility For It?

Here is what we know about the show, Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and CBC!

Well, well, well, as of right now, it can be considered as a piece of quite disappointing news for all the people who love Schitt’s Creek that there is nothing we can do to know about if this Canadian drama is going to return for another installment or not.

This series was a work of creation by the father and son duo, that is, Eugene as well as Dan Levy who also play the part of two of the show’s lead characters.

Here is what the cast as well as the crew of Schitt’s Creek looks like!

These guys were joined by Catherine O’Hara as well as Annie Murphy in the plots of rounding out the Rose family. The whole series went on to air on CBC in Canada as well as on Pop TV in the United States but the main factor that added to its popularity was when the show released on the streaming giant Netflix.

Obviously, the success of Schitt’s Creek lies majorly in the hands of all the talented cast members who, with their unique abilities, rocked the show. Here is who they are;

  • Eugene Levy reprises the role of Johnny
  • Catherine O’Hara enacts the character of Moira
  • Dan Levy does the part of David
  • Murphy reprises the role of Alexis

Here is what the plot of Schitt’s Creek is all about!

The plot of the story throws the entire spotlight on these guys as they move to a rural town after losing all the fortune they once owned. The whole lives of these guys turned upside down but they did not give up and accepted their fate by adapting to their surroundings.

While they were following this path, they met many, many allies such as the mayor of the town, that is, Roland Schitt, the role of whom is reprised by Chris Elliot, as well as his wife Jocelyn, the character of whom is enacted by Jenn Robertson.

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