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Robert Pattinson: He Thought Microwave Was An Oven And Exploded It

Robert Pattinson still has a lot of time on his hands. Probably too long, as revealed by a journalist who interviewed him. With Batman Height, the star will move into a rented apartment with nothing to do until the COVID-19 closure in the UK is lifted.

The interview had already revealed that Pattinson is too cold about his exercise routine, as he considers the superhero diet and hyper-strict exercise regimen to be detrimental. This may be the case, but it seems that his kitchen is also very dangerous.

Pattinson set his glove on fire, burning himself!!!

According to the new GQ interview, Pattinson is spending his Batman downtime on a new concept, “a pasta you can have on hand,” naming the Piccollini Cuscino plate (The Little Pillow). The journalist explained that the concept originated from Pattinson’s idea of ​​”why pasta is not exactly the same as fast food credentials like hamburgers and pizza.”

Robert Pattinson Exploded His Microwave Because He Thought It Was ...


Then, without much to do, he entered the kitchen and rolled up his sleeves. These materials appear to be stacked randomly on top of each other, with cornflakes lined up for breadcrumbs since Pattinson has no bread. Then, while trying to get a flabby scab, the actor set himself on fire and burned himself.

Though, Pattinson Microwave Was An Oven And Exploded It!!

But the adventure did not stop there. Warner Bros. is reportedly holding Pattinson in a type of luxury apartment where he appears to be unfamiliar with all of the appliances. After placing the aluminium foil-covered nightmare in an oven, the reporter asked Star if he was absolutely sure it wasn’t a microwave.

In his statement he cleared his thoughts proudly, he walks to the counter to find out when his phone is behind him, lightning comes out of the oven/microwave. When that sound and light pulls the blink, then groans and yearns. Pattinson said, “Damn lightning … Oh my gosh.” Then, with a final thump, the oven/microwave shuts off.

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