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Robert Downey Jr In Talks For A Role In Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

According to sources, the Pirate of the Caribbean 6 movie is definitely happening with or without the participation of Johnny Depp. Well, fans angry that Disney was dropping the most popular character from one of its biggest franchises.

There are reports that Captain Jack Sparrow may be ready to return in a brief cameo, to provide some connective tissue from previous movies, as well as to run torches on the next generation of swordsman heroes, but right now, the plan is going on. being that the reboot focuses on a pirate as the new protagonist of the series.

Robert Downey Jr In Talks For A Role!!

Although fans can launch as many requests as they try to force Disney’s hand in the hope that Depp will get back on board, the final decision ultimately lies in the studio’s lap. And while there is still no confirmation of what they decide to do, we have now heard that Mouse House is one of those stars who earn billions of dollars to play a supporting role at the box office.

Robert Downey Jr To Appear In Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 ...


According to our intelligence, it comes from the same sources that told us that the best option for leadership in the Caribbean League 4, and that of National Treasure 3 and Aladdin 2 All are in development, which was fine: Disney is interested in appearing in a soft reboot of Robert Downey Jr. However, it won’t be in one of the main roles.

Does Disney pull Johnny Depp for the role?

From what we understand, RDJ was offered a small part as captain in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, declaring the supporting role as comic relief and something for the actor. And in fun and to separate your teeth. And by the time you see if he’ll sign, if Disney pulls Johnny Depp out of the latest installment, there’s no question he’s showing another icon to play an equally eccentric captain who flew amidst the pomp, respectively.

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