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Rising Of The Shield Hero: Season 2? The Anime Will Return In 2024?

The show is an anime series and has its origin from the Japanese novel. The novel writer was Aneko Yusagi. And the series has garnered rave reviews that were positive for viewers and fans alike, and are now looking forward to the season. There have been great screen presentations, which are liked by fans. Here are all the facts about the show.

This is the story of Nofumi Iwatani, who is summoned into a parallel universe with three other youth from parallel universes on their journey to be the cardinal heroes of the planets, while defending them from demons, the waves, What to do.

The renewal status of the Rising Of The Shield Hero: Season 2

The anime’s first season ended in 2019 June. In Crunchyroll Expo Panel the showrunner made an announcement of two seasons for the series.

Is there any official release date?

No, while there is still no official launch date for Rising of the Shield Hero season 2, if we look at recent industry leaks, season 2 is very likely to launch in late 2024.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Launch Date, Episodes
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The expected storyline of Rising Of The Shield Hero: Season 2

There is no official update on what The Shield Hero Season 2 Rising’s story will be. But since we have a novel 25-volume series, we can imagine which direction the series will play. And nothing prevents fans from guessing what’s going to happen on the show, so let’s take a look at what we might have in the second season.

The story of Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 will follow Volume 12 of the manga series. We can expect to see Naofumi’s fate take a different turn. Can we see him fighting his victory against himself or will he accelerate with his weaknesses?

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