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Reports Appears That Jordana Brewster And Andrew Form Splits Up After 13 Year Of Marriage

After 13 years together Jordan Brewster and husband Andrew Form have “quietly separated”.

“They respect each other,” a source told People. “They are committed to lovingly raising their two children as a team.”

The couple has to children named Roman 3 years old and Julian 6 years old.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” was the set where they both met for the first time and in May 2007 they got married on the Nevis island in a private ceremony.

Fast and furious 40 years old actress Jordona Brewster met Andrew on the set of the film she produced and also starred in and then they start spending time with each other and within two years of the first meeting they tied the knot together.

“We started dating secretly, you know, hang on my trailer because otherwise, it wouldn’t be professional,” Brewster told “Inside Weddings” before hitchhiking.

After the end of the filming, they stayed close.

Jordan and Andrew go to a private resort in the Bahamas that, shortly after Christmas and on the move, moves into their home in the Hollywood Hills.

“I was always the girl who said I never walked with anyone before I got married, and then I did exactly that,” she killed people. “I am the greatest hypocrite of all time! She told that only in one month of dating she not went to her apartment.

The couple got engaged on their first anniversary in 2006. 

“In those days, Andrew comes in and says, ‘I can’t believe I live in this house!’

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