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Reportedly Marvel Is Planning To Introduce Starfox In The MCU

While the Marvel Universe has been busy with some of their highly anticipated movies, it seems like fans are all in for a variety of comic characters that are also expected to join the universe soon enough. Let us take a quick look into this new character altogether.

Is MCU Thinking Of Including A New Character In Their Upcoming Film, Eternals?

Apparently, amongst some of the new addition of superheroes that are set to debut with Marvel movies and series, a new bad guy might also be on board with Marvel Universe. Fans might be shocked to know that this antagonist is related to another Marvel villain, Thanos!

Starfox Might Make A Debut With The New Team Of Superheroes Under the Marvels Banner!

Starfox is one of the newest addition that Marvel might include in their upcoming The Eternals movie. While fans might not be well aware of his superpowers, include stimulating the pleasure center of a person. With such a unique power, he can persuade whoever he wants. While fans have little knowledge about him, his debut in the movie might benefit the makers.

Moreover, Starfox, just like the Eternals, is ageless and has been gifted with some extraordinary powers, so it seems like this new inclusion might bring some difficult situations for our new team of superheroes. Fans are not sure yet whether his relationship with Thanos will be mentioned in the film, or Marvel might prefer to skip it. That’s something that might be disclosed later. That might bring some interesting connections with that to the Avengers team as well!

Starfox Has Some Extraordinary Superpower Thus, Possessing Great Threat!

While Starfox was not mentioned any of the earlier discussions of Eternals, Marvels might be newly interested in the character. A character this fascinating might have caught the interest of the comic giant. Moreover, his background with Thanos might provide an interesting background in the story. Thanos was, in fact, an important part of the Avengers story. Is MCU trying to draw a close connection between the two stories? Only time will predict that. However, that might be interesting to watch for sure!

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