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R Kelly’s Attacker Moved To A New Prison

The prisoner who allegedly attacked R. Kelly in the singer’s cell last month was transferred to another prison, federal lawyers said in court documents filed Tuesday

According to the reports, federal lawyers said the prisoner who attacked 53-year-old Kelly on Aug.25 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Illinois was transferred to a facility in Michigan.

Federal prosecutors have described Kelly as an escape that poses a threat to society.

In court documents, Kelly’s assailant described himself as Jeremy Farmer, 39. initial reports suggested that Farmer attacked Kelly because the detention center had been blocked on several occasions due to people protesting on the street for Kelly’s release.

The suspect claimed that an inmate attacked him

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, previously claimed Farmer sneaked into Kelly’s cell while he was sleeping and stepped on his head. He also claimed that the inmate, who had “F*** the Feds” tattooed on his face, had a pen and intended to stab the singer.

Federal prosecutors denied that a conversation ever took place between Dr. MCC and Farmer.

Charges against Farmer

Farmer, a member of the Latin Kings organization, was convicted last year for a racketeering conspiracy involving the 1999 murders of 74-year-old Marion Lowry and 67-year-old Harvey Sieger. He was initially accused of beating men to death with a hammer in their car business.

At one point, Farmer told police he intended to confess to the double homicide as he wanted to die by lethal injection.

Charges against Kelly

Kelly has been jailed in Illinois since July 2019 on 26 federal charges that include child inappropriate videos, obstruction of justice, and child physical abuse. In Cook County, he is also facing 21 molestation offender charges. The government allegations reportedly relate to allegations dating back to 1998 and involving at least three underage girls.

In addition to this, Kelly is serving several federal charges in New York for allegedly infected an underage woman and girl with herpes, racketeering, and trafficking who reportedly crossed state lines.

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