Quicksand Season 2: What We Know So Far About The Sequel?

Quicksand is another addition to the novel adaptation by none other than the online streaming giant Netflix. It is based on a novel of the same name written by Malin Persson Giolito. The show launched its first season in April 2019 consisting of just six episodes making it a miniseries as well. The teen crime thriller web series has garnered a good response from the viewers.

The Storyline Of Quicksand TV Show

It tells the story of a teen girl who is accused of a series of murders that took place in the school. Her personal life is not too well in line, and that also compels the investigators to believe because of such emerging instances that probably she is the murderer. So is season two on the cards? Is it getting a launch this year? What are the story updates? Let’s find out below.

Renewal Status Of Quicksand Season 2

It has been a year since the start of the show, and Netflix has till now not come up with an announcement about the show’s return for a sequel season. The show ended on a lot of cliffhangers, and there is still a lot more to find out which needs more episodes and hence, a new season.

Source: Netflix

The show has followed the same plot as contained in the novel, and the upcoming events, too, would follow the same trend. There are strong chances that the show should get a new season in its kitty. But we are in a dilemma what the online streaming platform is thinking about the show’s future, which is good. And it would be very.disappointing to know that they would cancel it despite the series good ratings.

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Star Cast In Quicksand Season 2

The show stars;

  • Hanna Ardéhn,
  • Felix Sandman,
  • William Spetz,
  • Ella Rappich,
  • David Dencik,
  • Maria Sundbom,
  • Arvid Sand, and others.

It is the first-ever entirely Swedish language-based web series and, therefore, a Swedish drama. Netflix is working hard to curate content from around the corner in different languages to attract the audiences towards it by providing them the content they want. And this Swedish drama is one such belonging to the category. Hence it would be shocking that it would now bring up the second season of it.

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