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People Raised $70k For Family Who Was Evicted From House Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Texas family got support just days after the eviction from their home was filmed

Last week, sources reported Harris County Police report serving eviction notices to multiple families. In the video, 24-year-old Israel Rodriguez, his girlfriend, and two children, ages 4 and 20, were seen removed from their home in Houston.

Rodriguez claimed that he was fired from his job

Rodriguez told the sources he lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic. He said it took months to find a new job and the $ 361 check-in his pocket wouldn’t be enough to stop the eviction.

Although the Centers for Disease Control recently announced an end to the evictions, reports said the timing and requirements of the ordinance make enforcement in the Rodriguez case difficult.

According to the moratorium on evictions, who can prove that the coronavirus pandemic is the reason they have not paid their rent cannot be kicked out of their homes.

The family is living in a hotel these days

Rodriguez said he didn’t pay the rent and owed thousands of dollars. Sources reported that the family stayed in a hotel after the eviction.

Multiple people came forward to help the family

Since the story aired, two GoFundMe campaigns have been launched: one for the Rodriguez family, which is $ 70,000; and another for Houston families who have been evicted due to the pandemic. A second donation fundraiser raised $ 238,000.

The public also expressed concern over the elderly woman who was seen deported during the broadcast.

Rodriguez thanked the audience for their support.

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