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Paradise PD Season 3? Do We Have A Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates

Paradise PD is a Netflix original animated drama in the adult category. It is set under the backdrop of crime and the world of narcotics. The show has delivered two seasons to its viewers with the last one launched in March 2024. And not only children but the audience of all ages are loving the anime dramas a lot because they are no more those usual animated shows but have incorporated almost all the elements portrayed in other web shows and films.

Of course, the essence does not get changed to a large extent because not to forget that they are still animated ones. Paradise PD is one such show that has all the elements- it is a black dramedy coupled with action and drama that you are surely going to love. So do we have another season in line? When is it getting a release? What are the latest updates on season three of the anime sitcom? Let’s check them out.

Renewal Status

Now here comes the good news as the leading online streaming giant to our surprise and well before in time renewed the anime drama for a third season. Yayy!! This was indeed a gift by Netflix who revived the show in April 2024 itself by not taking that much of time which it usually takes to decide upon the renewal or cancellation of a show.

Netflix's Paradise PD
Source: Netflix


Paradise PD revolves around a city where crime is at its peak and the protectors of the city that is the police officials are cowards and incompetent. You are going to witness such strange and unusual characters that fit in one frame to support the required plot. Also, we have a narcotics leader who is living a so-called dual life, one as the crime lord and another a cowardly man in front of his father.

Expected Release Date

Currently, only the news of revival has come up and seen the situation of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the suspension of all the production activities; we cannot predict when will the production for the same would commence. So this shifts the release date to 2024.

Voice-Over Artists

The voice-over artists include;

  • Sarah Chalke as Gina Janowski,
  • David Herman as Kevin Pubesalad Crawford,
  • Tom Kenny as Chief Randall Crawford,
  • Kyle Kinane as Bullet and other artists as well.

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