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Pandora Season 2: Do We Have A Confirmed Release Date For It

Here is all that we need to know about the show, Pandora and its second season!

As all the people who love the series, Pandora, know that it is another one among the vast collection of America’s television shows. The series excels in the genre of science as well as fiction.

Just one season of Pandora has been released for the fans till now, but the creators of it have announced a second installment too. Nation Editions is here to discuss all the updates of a potential season two of Pandora.

When will the second season of Pandora return to its fans?

It is a quick warning for all the people who have not watched the first season yet because the content contains spoilers about season one.

Well, if we go on and talk about a release date for the second installment of Pandora, it is safe to assume that the show will come back in 2024 itself.

Although a confirmed date is yet to be disclosed. The first season, as we all know, came out in July of 2019 so the second season might also do at the same point in time this year, that is, 2024.

Here is what we know about the renewal status of the series!

The show got an early renewal just after it finished airing its first season in October of 2019. It was immediately revived for a further installment that was scheduled for a 2024 release date and will air on The CW.

If we look at the views that the first season of Pandora got, the show started with 0.72 million views for the first season that gradually decreased slowly.

Here is what the audience reviews of the series look like and they are not good!

At the time of finale that aired on the 1st of October 2019, the network had just 0.38 million views. This fact means that a lot of people started watching the show when it began by then left in the middle of the season.

People think that the second season might comprise of 13 episodes too because the first season had 13 episodes.

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