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‘One Piece Live-Action’ Things You Must Know

Aiichiro Oda’s beautiful One Piece manga is one step ahead. Famous comics like Dragon Ball, Golgo 13 and Naruto that sold more than 462 million copies, One Piece stands out. The animated show is available on Netflix. But the streaming giant is now planning to go live.

Tomorrow the studios that are currently working on the Cowboy Bebop adaptation will produce the series. Netflix ordered 10 episodes for the new live-action series. Netflix’s live-action piece One Piece will be based on the original series which has 965 chapters and more than 95 volumes. With this type of content, the show will run for at least 10 seasons.

Netflix's Live-Action 'One Piece' Series: Everything We Know - What's on Netflix

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Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’

One Piece is set in an alternate universe, with people enjoying the ‘Golden Age of Pirates’. So the live-action of a Netflix piece will also take place in that universe. The characters want to obtain a treasure called ‘Gol One Piece’, which is the biggest pirate Gol D. Roger leaves him behind. Years go by but no one can get wealth. Dreaming of getting the treasure, he sets out on his journey. What will happen next? You will have to watch the series to know the answer.

The Makers Prepare All The Scripts And Ready To Come Back But COVID-19 Issued Between Them

Marty Edelstein said in an interview: “We have all 10 scripts written. We will start broadcasting when we get back. I doubt on June 1, but we will begin our casting. We have many names that we are talking about. And we should be in production by September. We work closely with Sensi Oda. I mean, Snowpiercer was a great product; it’s even bigger. “

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