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One Piece Live Action: Catch Every Detail Here

Live Actions Adaptations are bringing life to some classic shows and movies. In recent years, there are many plans to do the same with Anime Titles, Death note is the recent example of Live-action conversion of popular manga series. Now it is speculated that One Piece will have its own Live-action adaptation and Netflix is bringing the project much closer to its fans.

One Piece Live-Action

Official confirmation has been made on the social media handle of Netflix official that a Live-action remake of One Piece is happening soon.

So Simply these kinds of threads rule out the possibility of every rumor related to the speculation of the project. Now when there’s an official confirmation been made, the showrunners are looking forward to the project.

Release Date

But now the main question is when it’s likely to happen? as there is evident Noble Coronavirus struck hard and wiped out the plans of production. So it’s pretty obvious that release dates of many projects get pushed further and One Piece is one of those projects which will consider after easing the restrictions. But if we talking about an expected release date, then the adaptation will likely to release next fall for sure and the respective month will be May or June. So it’s a long way to go for Live-action adaptations and fans can’t wait to let it happen.

Production Process

There are some reports that the filming of Live-action remake will take place in Cape Town and it is expected to begin in the month of October.

Movie Or Season?

However, there is no clarity on the Live-action whether it will be a movie or a show. According to reports, One Piece Live-action comprises a Tv series and there will be more than one season. However, the expansion could be ruled out as there isn’t enough source material to capitalize on it.

So this is it for the One Piece Live-action remake and we are counting on trailers of the respective project. We will keep you posted as if something relevant comes up with One Piece.

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