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On My Block Season 4: Will It Happen, Here’s What Netflix Thinks About Its Renewal

On My Block Season 4: Will It Happen Again, What’s The News On The Show Renewal? Details Inside!!!

Like all On My Block fans streamed by the streaming giants Netflix know that the show has excelled in the art of leaving Cliffner every time, ending an instalment of the show.

The final scene of Season 1 was the one that hung the lives of the show’s two main characters in balance. Well, the end of the third season of this series leaves an equally painful wall. When the third season of On My Block ended with Cliffner, fans hope the fourth season is on the way!

It ended with an expectation for the end of 2024, titled Chapter 2, which uses a time jump to reveal the group of five main friends of the block and how they fall apart. Best friends are strangers now, and anyone has joined a gang.

Will there be more of On My Block?

Well, here is good news for you. If the On My Block co-creators succeed in their way, we make sure to return to FreeRide for the fourth season. We are saying this because Eddie González, co-producer and executive producer of the show, told reporters during a visit to the On My Block set in Los Angeles in September 2019 that his true hope was for the fourth season.

What the renewal status for the On My Block?

Eddie continued that in her mind were the tentpoles, the places she wanted to go, and she always saw it as a series that would only last more than three seasons. She said, of course, they don’t articulate this fact, but it was her form of hope.

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