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On My Block Season 4: When It Will Likely To Arrive?

Teen drama On My Block just returned on Netflix with their brand new third season in March, the season soon became one of the most popular ones of the streaming giant, and fans are already wondering when is the fourth season releasing.

On My Block Season 4: Release Date, Plot Development, And Other Small Details.

While it is a tad bit soon to predict anything about the fourth season, however, the positive rating will pretty much convince Netflix to renewed to the show for a fourth season. However, the show’s future is looking pretty bright considering show’s co-creator Lauren Iungerich recently signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix.

The Creator Is Hopeful About Making As Many Seasons Possible!

Moreover, the creator Jeremy Haft has opened about their wish of continuing the show as long as Netflix allows them to. They are thinking of breaking the Simpsons record, joked the creator! This it seems like the show is not going anywhere anytime soon.

As fans saw that the third season had some pretty mind-boggling cliffhangers, as creator Lauren herself said that this cliffhanger would be different from the last two seasons, and it will surely mess things up. Well, it sure did. What happened in the last season was explained as realistic by Garcia and how the group gave eventually evolved into new people

The Fourth Season Might Have Too Many Twists And Turns.

The popular show’s third season ended with a two-year-long time jump with the cast members all grown up and have moved on with her respective lives. Things might have gone all wrong between Ruby and Jamal as well. The fourth season will surely pick up the part and focus on what exactly went wrong between the two! Not only Jamal but Cesar sported a whole new look with him getting back into the Santos gang and now appeared to be its leader, looking different with  a new tattoo and shaved head. So what went down and what happened in these long time gap? The fourth season might have all the answers. We sure are waiting for the answers!

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