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NYPD Releases Official Statement On Manhattan Shake Shack Cops Poisoned Incident

Hayek Shack employees are free from any kind of acquisitions after multiple officers fell ill from a drink

New York police said no crime was committed after an investigation into whether or not he had been poisoned by three of his agents after receiving Shake Shack’s milk drinks at a Manhattan restaurant on Monday night.

The agents complained until they were hospitalized and later released, according to a New York police statement, and Shack Shack said on Twitter that it was “terrible” and that the police worked together.

Workers at Hayek Shack were acquitted after several police officers fell ill from a drink in lower Manhattan on Monday night.

The workers were not guilty, found in the investigation:

“After a thorough investigation by staff in southern Manhattan, it has been established that Shake Shack’s staff did not commit the crime,” Rodney Harrison, a detective, said on Twitter on Tuesday, 4 p.m.

All the officers are safe now:

The full investigation was completed after three Bronx agents who had been ordered to protest in lower Manhattan became ill after police drank from a restaurant, police said. Pat Lynch, president of the Police Welfare Association, agents of the NYPD, said police were hospitalized but would be fine.

The Detectives Endowment Association initially announced Monday night that the agents had been “deliberately poisoned” by Shake Shack workers in the tweet which was later removed.

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