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New Amsterdam: Showrunner David Schulner Talked About Helen In Season 3

Max and Helen have done a lot during the second season of New Amsterdam. It all started with that shocking season 1 finale, which resulted in the death of Max’s wife and Helen was injured. Middleton quickly advances towards Finale, and Helen is taken to the hospital. In some positive news, Max discovers that his cancer is gone.

New Amsterdam': Ryan Eggold Talks Max/Helen Relationship | TVLine
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Upon returning to New Amsterdam, Helen will have to deal with the decision to remain in the hospital. For his good friend Max, he finally begins to make headlines about his grief over the death of his wife, who he had a hard time finding during the first part of Season 2.

New Amsterdam Showrunner David Schulner told about Max and Helen! 

I would say that without Helen you cannot do this. And I think you need more than almost anyone in your life. Everything between them is more powerful than a romantic relationship. It really is a dependency and someone in your life has a very useful gift and someone who knows you very well. We maintain friendship on one side and romance on the other side, but I think whatever is between the two transcends both.

Well, this is a slightly more anticipated update for fans of the Helen and Max pair when they lost this season! After the season 2 premiere of New Amsterdam, David Schulner had little reassuring news to share. At that time, academics emphasized the fantastic friendship the characters shared and indicated that the bond would be the focus of their forward dynamics.

All about Max and Helen’s friendship!

As for Max and Helen’s friendship, the New Amsterdam showrunner hinted that they would soon reunite Max completely with Helen. Max and Helen not exploring the future on a romantic level. It is a slow-burning material that must eventually sink! New Amsterdam will return on January 14 NBC.

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