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Black Mirror Season 6: Possibilities Of Sixth Season And Rumored Cast

British science fiction series Black Mirror released its three episodes fifth season in June last year. The fans of the dystopian anthology series are looking forward to the next season of the popular series. Recently, a few posters of Black Mirror were put on display on the streets of Madrid, Spain. The posters were fan artwork done by students of Advertising and
Communications School which is a part of Brother Ad. Ever since the fans of Black Mirror are speculating when the next season of the show will release.

Black Mirror: Is The Sixth Season Of The Show On The Cards?

The sixth season of Black Mirror is not on the cards as the show has not been renewed yet. The fifth season of the series and the standalone film Bandersnatch which released in 2018 were very popular. There are high chances that the series will get renewed for another season.

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Why Is There No News On The Sixth Season Of Black Mirror?

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are the minds behind Black Mirror. Both of them created the series for House Of Tomorrow which is a subsidiary of the Endemol Shine group. Brooker and Jones recently parted ways with House Of Tomorrow and have started their own production company, Broke and Bones. The Endemol Shine group holds the rights to Black Mirror.

Recently Brooker had said that he was currently working on his comic skills. He does not know whether the audience will stomach another season of Black Mirror with all the things that are happening around the world presently. He is not working on the science fiction series Black Mirror right now. The creator of the show is writing scripts to make himself laugh.

Who Will Be Part Of The Cast Of The Sixth Season Of Black Mirror?

The show has not been renewed as of yet, so there is no news on the cast of the sixth season of Black Mirror. Each episode of the show is a standalone episode. The cast of each episode is different from the previous episode.

Is There A Possibility Of A Spin-Off Series Of Black Mirror?

Bandersnatch, a standalone film on Black Mirror released in 2018. Back in 2016, Brooker had mentioned that he has ideas for spin-off series on White Bear and Where To Go. The audiences might get to see a spin-off series of Black Mirror in the future.

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