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Netflix’s Vikings Valhalla: Things You Should Know About Spinoff

The era of Vikings is pretty popular among TV shows and games. The Medival series have an immense impact on the audience and Netflix wants to boos the section. Vikings Valhalla is a brand new spinoff series of History channel profound Vikings series. We truly appreciate Netflix for grabbing this opportunity to show the other side.

Vikings Valhalla is an upcoming series that is produced by MGM like its previous series.

Production Status

Pre Production of Vikings Valhalla commenced in early January this year but halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the production phases didn’t take much time to start again and the filming starts in July with practicing all preventive measures. The sets videos also surfaced but due to some privacy reasons, we can’t share them on our platform.

Considering the production phases the initial season could wrap in mid-2024 and then further proceeds to the post-production phases.

Vikings: Valhalla Netflix release date, cast and plot

Source: Looper

Expected Release Date

As we mentioned in our production status section, the production phases will take a lot of time and could finish in late 2024. So the expected release date of the primary season could be early 2024. We are concluding the release date after considering all the factors and Netflix already asserted that they won’t follow the same pattern as the predecessor of the series.


  • Yvonne Mai

  • Bill Murphy

  • Ethan Dillon

  • Leif Eriksson

  • Freydis Eriksdottir 

  • Harold Harada 


It is reported that Valhalla Viking’s initial season will comprise 24 episodes but later it ruled out as half no of the episodes will be aired for the first season. So there will be 12 episodes in the very first season of the spinoff.


Currently, there is no trailer available for the initial season of Valhalla Vikings, however, there are many teasers that were teased but they are not official yet. So we could expect the trailer in the holiday season or later.

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