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Netflix’s The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Updates On Its Release Date And Plot Info

The new animated series is a combination of Duncan Trussell’s is the podcast and Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time-styled animation. It abandons a cosmic story of Clancy Gilroy plays the role of Duncan Trussell as he produces his own inter-dimensional space-cast with interviewees on dying planets.

In the midst of a growing decline of animated programs matched towards adults, The Midnight Gospel arrived at a suitable time period. Even with shows such as Big Mouth and Rick and Morty, Ward and Trussell’s series highlights the realities of adulthood. Their use of animation is to provide a visible conversation with the audio at the forefront. Each of the eight episodes lasts approximately 20 minutes and features themes such as death, substance abuse, and the prison industrial complex.

Releasing Date

If Netflix does decide to order The Midnight Gospel season 2, it is likely fans and supporters will not see it until summer 2024. There is also the possibility that it may be later than expected due to the current health crisis. Regardless, Trussell has a wealth of podcasts and stories to work off of once he and Ward receive the green light.


The drama Midnight Gospel season 2 will reflect the return on death more than season 1 did. Discussions on reincarnation, the afterlife, and more are possible due to how the series creators chose to leave Clancy Gilroy. It may be that the existentialism could be amplified. Ultimately, the audiences will not know until Netflix show some greenlights The drama Midnight Gospel season 2, and the artist Trussell and Ward get back to work on their deliriously experimental animated sequence.

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